During seventh year, people often assumed they were in love. They always laughed when someone said it out loud.

It wasn’t at all unimaginable of course, and they could see why.

Since their friendship formed after they were partnered together in Potions, they’d formed quite the bond.




The single most delightful implication of Dashcon is that now somebody is going to inevitably have to explain to a lawyer, probably several lawyers, and in turn, possibly an entire courtroom, what fandom is, what tumblr is, and all the ins and outs related to them.

i would watch that episode of law and order


Here are three elements we often see in town names:

If a town ends in “-by”, it was originally a farmstead or a small village where some of the Viking invaders settled. The first part of the name sometimes referred to the person who owned the farm - Grimsby was “Grim’s village”. Derby was “a village where deer were found”. The word “by” still means “town” in Danish.

If a town ends in “-ing”, it tells us about the people who lived there. Reading means “The people of Reada”, in other words “Reada’s family or tribe”. We don’t know who Reada was, but his name means “red one”, so he probably had red hair.

If a town ends in “-caster” or “-chester”, it was originally a Roman fort or town. The word comes from a Latin words “castra”, meaning a camp or fortification. The first part of the name is usually the name of the locality where the fort was built. So Lancaster, for example, is “the Roman fort on the River Lune”.


A Little Book of Language by David Crystal, page 173. (via linguaphilioist)


(via submariet)


lily assuming ‘prongs’ is just a dick joke
lily assuming remus does all the marauders hw for them
lily realizing the marauders are actual bad asses at dada and altering her opinion of them
lily learning why remus is nicknamed ‘moony’ and returning to her original impression that they are all huge fucking dorks


This advice is applicable in everything you do. Every great writer, actor, scientist, PERSON in general started out as nothing more than we are now: Students with a passion, a drive, a want to be something more. If they can do it, why can’t we?


sirius black deciding on one of remus’ ratty wool sweaters over a fancy, expensive one from his family


Sirius Black

“You don’t understand — there are things worth dying for!”


Sirius Black

“You don’t understand — there are things worth dying for!”


can you imagine remus harping on sirius all the time for smelling like a wet dog, and sirius one day gets so tired of it that he just bathes himself in amortentia so he’ll smell like things remus loves. and then he just smugly goes up to remus, “what do i smell like now?” and remus just rolls his eyes like, “you smell like chocolate and wet dog, nice try covering it up.” 


marauders snapchatting behaviours:

peter snaps mostly videos of cool stuff he finds on the internet. sometimes goes for months without doing anything questionable and then suddenly rickrolls everyone in his contacts at full volume. james is in 80% of his snaps, showing off w/e….


james is very much a mommas boy and she sends care packages to school at least once a week and most of the time they’re filled with treats and little toys and notes

but then in second year, after the marauders had all visited the potter house james gets a care package the same day of sirius’…

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